DGM Consulting helps you with the selection and technical definition of machinery:

  • Corrugated lines
  • Converting lines
  • Peripherals
  • Glue Kitchens
  • Steam systems
  • Conveyors
  • Strappers
  • etc.

DGM Consulting can help you to offer your second hand equipment which you are interested in selling.

You can fill in the form as well as upload photos of them, DGM Consulting will promote them with potential customers.

DGM Consulting offers you the service of rebuilt to a new one any converting or corrugated equipment

DGM Consulting has the Engineering and workshops which allow it to take on the modification or the improvement of your equipment such as corrugated lines, converting lines and peripherals.
AS the time goes by, all machinery loses its original condition in addition its possible modification and retrofits sometimes turn the equipment unrecognizable despite the data plate, model and brand. A lot of times, get an equipment to its original condition represents a huge opportunity to get better profits and efficiently.
Among the corrugated line improvements, our modification for the adjustment of the glue roll against the corrugated rolls is one of the most requested.
Our field of work includes the electrical and electronic part with the experience of transformation of Slitter-scorer from the conventional cutting to clean cutting, the electronic upgrading and control process software of obsolete units.
Our technicians are certified programmers in Allen Bradley TM, Siemens TM and free programming platforms of any international provider.

Parameters to measure the yield of a converting machine

It is quite often observe expensive machines with 4 or more printing units which boxes do not match with the invested money.

What is the reason?

This question is made by the production and plant managers, the answer goes by water through fingers: the ink, the corrugated boards, the operator, the printing plate, etc.

Depending on your concerning, DGM has specialized technicians who can evaluate such equipment (even the newest models) and let you know if your observations have a concrete solution or if any radical modification is needed in order to get a production improvement.

The distinctive combination of DGM Consulting between Engineering, specialized process technicians and the productive skills, allow DGM to design and build specific solutions for piles of corrugated boards for the intermediate storage or piles of finished boxes for the storage to shipment.

DGM Consulting can offer innovative solutions such as the induction of current conventional segments of plastic matting or plastic belts making in a sectioning way in order to reduce the investment and practical.

In difference with other specialized conveyors companies, our mission is not selling square meters of plastic matting but adapting economic and practical solutions which the easiest maintenance possible and that you can get the expected results.

This ability of building and designing can be applied to the scrap system collecting the scrap by gravity and its transportation using chains of hardened steel, without suction systems and without cyclone, with the minimum of electric power consumption (even a 90% less) and reducing the noise, dust and the fire risk considerable.

Corrugated coatings

In our technical team work some of the pioneers of the development of the wax rolls applicators and hot wax coatings for corrugated process, in the coming days these had changed to cold emulsions coatings. From that technical team who started working on the 80´s had given well-known companies which are specialized in this field, for this reason DGM is able to complete the market supply working in our company with the original know-how, as well as by having rebuilt, fixed and manufactured many units for cold and hot coatings.

DGM Consulting has the ability of getting spare parts, and preform modifications and offer services such as building a new equipment, rebuilding an old unit to as a new one, all kind of applicators of almost every brand in the market.

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