New factories can rely on DGM Consulting for conducting the project of the new facilities, quite professional and economic options for your framework industrial facilities will be presented by our specialists.

Based on our corrugated process experience, DGM Consulting is able to integrate the design of your facilities taking in consideration the activities to preform inside, for instance the main layout, apt heights for paper roll and final product storage, doors, shipment area, ventilation, safety points, etc.

The management of a corrugated boards company needs a powerful managing software able to integrated and analyze in detail, in real time and getting statistical control of every department such as purchasing, paper roll storage, corrugating planning, production planning, selling and general management as well as the control of the warehouse, and the shipment. DGM Consulting is able to provide a solution that suits your needs.

DGM Consulting offers you the technical and economical evaluation for the purchase of equipment in a neutral position it is possible due DGM Consulting is not related to any manufacturer and having in its team professionals who have worked and collaborated for many years with worldwide leader manufacturer companies and all the ins and outs of the purchase and sale are well known by them.

Typically, the corrugated line is seen as a group of units that work in line, every of them has its particularly properties an characteristics that make complicated the prediction of the production behavior such as quantity, quality, efficiency and repeatable.

Part of the blame is that for many years the manufacturers of certain unit used to remark the importance of their equipment and set aside the issue that corrugated boards are made as consequence of the tuning of all units.

Costumers hardly ever consult the manufacturer of such units when the problem is not concrete and for that reason, the lack of efficiency takes place, as well as a low productivity, not getting the wished quality, it is quite common try to find a single guilty when actually there is collective problem.

DGM Consulting has international experts, who fully understand the corrugated line as a group, you as our costumer will be able to work together with our technicians and have a perspective that goes from the machine, papers, moisture content, temperature, paper tension, production speed, the influence of the operator, etc and these parameters view as a group and how the interact each other as a one. It is not easy, and for this reason there are not too many technicians able to carry this task out.

Our Specialized technicians do not link to any manufacturer brand and without any particular interest can help you as our costumer to eliminate the factors that interfere in your production process those that make your process not efficient, variable and not repeatable.

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